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House Cleaning


We provide top services for house, villa, and apartment cleaning using best materials.

  • Kitchen & Washroom
  • Bed Room and Hall
  • Deep Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning

Office, Warehouse, Shop

We provide Commercial Cleaning services if you have any requirement.

  • Offices and any other business centerss
  • Building Cleaning
  • High Quality materials and deep cleaning

Pest Control

with 6 months of guarantee

We provide Pest control Services we have best poison to finish insects.

  • House and Apartments
  • Commericial and Buildings
  • High Quality chemical Materials

Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Al Amana provides cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to clients for the ultimate peace of mind for busy professionals. Our cleaning service Abu Dhabi includes everything for home and office requirements, including but not limited to laundry, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, A/C cleaning, curtain cleaning, furniture cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc.

Cleaning Company in Abu Dhabi

We do not impose any fixed minimum number of hours of hiring. Meaning, the client can hire the maid for exactly the number of hours he or she requires. We provide cleaning services for clients on hourly basis, so you can utilize our services only for the specific job at hand. Our cleaning staff are properly trained with the use of tools and aware of the etiquette of behavior at customer premises. Lady cleaning staff is also available.

Cleaning services can be customized for hourly, daily and monthly billing cycles as per your requirements.
Most importantly, we depend on positive reviews from our clients. So we want to make sure that the client is very satisfied with our cleaning services in abu dhabi and also we would like to get regular references from existing clients. This kind of mindfulness and care has enabled us to offer the best cleaning services and also to make sure that the job is well done, deserving a call back or a solid reference. We truly believe that the customer is king.

Another crucial aspect of domestic service hiring in UAE is quality. We make sure that the staff coming over to your premises well trained. Also we are completely responsible for the behavior and conduct of our staff at your premises. Of course our staff is well aware of professional cleaning, but still we make it a point that the job is always done professionally, with no headache to the customer. A proper background check of the staff is performed before we hire them.

Our people are well aware that communicating is on the top of the list for all clients. So our staff are English and Arabic speaking, well mannered and experienced with handling with this kind of job. All these factors enable us to render a stress free and reliable cleaning service.

So, how do you start the hiring process..? Just give us a call at  050 907 5003  and explain your requirement. Our agent will immediately give you the budget and other instructions. Once you agree, we will immediately schedule the job and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. So once again, welcome to Amana Professional Services.

Cleaning Abu Dhabi

We provide top- and high-quality cleaning services all across Abu Dhabi. We have Philippine cleaning workers which we provide hourly based for cleaning of house, apartment, villa, office in Abu Dhabi. Are you going to clean your home? If yes then we are here for your help.

Cleaning Company Abu Dhabi

We provide all kinds of cleaning services we offer best and special services than all other cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi with guarantee. Our company use high quality cleaning materials and detergents to clean your house, villa and office properly. We charge 35 AED per hour without cleaning materials and 45 dhs with cleaning materials. We provide Asian cleaning workers who are very professional and expert.

House Cleaning Abu Dhabi

We provide commercial and residential cleaning services all across Abu Dhabi like (MBZ, Al Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, Al Falah new, Al Falah old, Al Shamha, Al Shawameh, Al Rahba, Samha, Shahama, Taweela, new shahama, shalaila, mussafah, Bin E Jasrain, Officer City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar city, Al Raha Garden, Al Munira, Al Reef Villas, Al Ajban, Al Nahda west, Al Nahda north, Al Fayha, Al Dhafra, Al Buteen, Al Marasi, Etihad towers, Abu Dhabi Cornich, Sadiyat Island, Yas Island.) and all Abu Dhabi City. We do cleaning all across the house like bedroom cleaning, sofa cleanign, wash room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning etc. A clean house is significant for the prosperity of the whole family. A filthy house is consistently a germ house which causes different well being perils. Along these lines, the best safeguard is to keep those germs washed away to forestall the spread of ailments among your family. Be that as it may, these days, individuals are driving a quick paced existence with a bustling timetable and riotous way of life. None has sufficient opportunity to take a break from their everyday calendar and put their time in cleaning their home. Along these lines, a large portion of the occasions they don't discover an opportunity to regulate the cleaning and tidying of their private property. And yet, cleaning your private property is similarly significant. In this manner, we are here to make your errand simple and bother free. We are notable Cleaning Service Abu Dhabi based organization that is popular for giving profound private Cleaning company Abu Dhabi wide to our clients.

cleaning abu dhabi

Our Cleaning Services Abu Dhabi Includes:

  • Garden and Outdoor Cleaning Services

  • Home Moving Cleaning Services

  • Movie in-out Cleaning Services

  • Nursery Cleaning Services

  • School Cleaning Services

  • House Cleaning Services

  • Office boy/Girl Services

  • Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Marble Polishing Services

  • Office Cleaning Services

  • Deep Cleaning Services

  • Pest Control Services

  • Internal Glass Cleaning Services

amana cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Types:

  • Deep cleaning of flats/apartments

  • Dusting of outdoor premises of apartments

  • Dusting and vacuuming of floors, staircases,

  • Washing and drying of curtains

  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors

  • Carpet cleaning services

  • Dusting of doors and windows

  • Cleaning of bedrooms

  • Removing cobwebs from walls and corners

  • Dusting of furniture

  • Deep cleaning of washrooms and toilet interiors

  • Degreasing of kitchen and sinks

How to choose professional cleaning company in Abu Dhabi?

It's very important to hire professional company for your house, villa, office or any residential or commercial site cleaning. Most important thing is trust on cleaning workers to get enter house because some cases are reported where some items hidden from the houses like jewellery, money and other expensive items because cleaning workers are the one who access to every corner and every place in house. Now the point is how to check the company is professional or not? There are some points below to check.

  • First is to check online reviews of company on internet like google maps, facebook page or youtube comments of their past customers. Reading reviews of cleaning company Abu Dhabi will able you to call best cleaning company and also you will know about their charges.

  • Ask Friends or Relatives to recommend best cleaning company. This method is most important if you ask someone for cleaning company recommendation because they will recommend you the best and professional cleaning agency or company this is why because they had faced before.

  • Search near by company like Amana cleaning is located all across Abu Dhabi if you will search for cleaning company must you will get Amana cleaning in your range because our services are totally guaranteed.

  • Check company registration because some companies are new or even nothing companies just freelancers doing cleaning works which are don't have experience and totally untrusted and non-professional services. Must ask for official quotation and any proof document to check about the company.

  • Check cleaning detergents if they provide. Some companies we found in our cleaning reasearch on cleaning services in UAE there are some provides very cheap quality of detergents and cleaning materials which are not benificial. Ask to bring best quality of cleaning materials.

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

We have professional Filipina ladies for cleaning all across Abu Dhabi. We provide cleaning workers for hourly based works but there are conditions to hire cleaner you must hire minimum of 3 hours of time because we can't deliver cleaners just for 1 or 2 hours.

Deep Cleaning Services Abu Dhabi

We provide deep cleaning Abu Dhabi for all kinds of items like floor deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, wash room deep cleaning, refrigerator deep cleaning, window deep cleaning etc. Our team is expert to remove deep patches or any dirt and dust which are not possible to remove easily.

Cleaning Maids in Abu Dhabi

We provide Philiphines cleaning workers (maids) in Abu Dhabi for part time like minimum of 3 hours of duration. They do cleaning house furniture, kitchen and other house hold items. They also do clothes washing, dishes washing, clothes pressing (Iron) and packing etc. We have clean background cleaning workers which are very hardwork and good Manners. They are also trust worthy you don't worry about your house.

Our Main Focused Services Areas in Abudhabi

Cleaning services in Mohammed bin Zayed, Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, New Falah, Old Falah, Shamaha, Al Shaamah, Al Rahba, Al Samha, Shahama, Tawila, New Shahama, Shalila, Mussafah, Bin Jassreen, Officers City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar City, Al Raha Park, Al Muneera, Al Reef Villas, Al Ajban, Al Nahda West, Al Nahda North, Al Fayhaa, Al Dhafra, Al Bateen, Al Marasy, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Al Zahia District, District Al Dana, Al Nahyan, Al Manhal, Al Hosn, Zayed Sports City